The Myth Of Hell

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Why This Site Was Created

The idea that the Creator of All Things would create billions of beings over thousands of years only to destroy most of them or torment them forever in flames or in outer darkness has been a hard pill to swallow for many for a long, long time- and rightly so. That such an idea, upon close examination, cannot be found at all in the Old Testament upon which the New Testament is founded, is a clue that the idea itself could have foreign origins. Philosophically, the idea of such a god is universally abhorrent, except perhaps to the most indoctrinated mind. Scripturally, the the translation of the King James Bible has embedded some questionable renderings of words which are not true to the original speakers intention or consistent with the meanings of the words as used in antiquity by Jesus and the apostles. The scriptures in fact, teach in many places that before the "times are fulfilled" that all death will be done away with and God will be "everything in everyone", or "all in all". This site has some rather intense theological pages; it is a presentation of the "restoration of all things, prophesied by all the prophets and sages from the foundation of the world"(Acts 3:19).

The purpose of these pages is to show that the doctrine of eternal torment in "Hell" is in fact a myth, with no basis in the scriptures.The first two pages present the core of the scriptural and historical presentation, so they are recommended first reading. Wander at will after reading them.

 Hell Is A Myth

All In All