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You Say You See

Posted by John on May 25, 2011 at 7:01 PM

Jesus said to the Pharisees, Because you say you see, your sin remains. Jesus gives grace for ignorance, but not for arrogant blindness. Those who disembowel the word of God in the promotion of their own traditions are the blind leading the blind. They are stumbling into open graves with their followers. Understand- God has the greatest compassion for them and He cries out all day long, "Come, Let us reason together". The truth is like the sun or the rain, readily available to all. But those who are blind walk in darkness even when the sun is shining. We are told by them NOT to reason. We are told to TURN OFF our own moral compass. We are told to listen to the Pharisees of today even though in our hearts we may sense that something is wrong. But Jesus said to call no man "Teacher", "Rabbi", "Father". He said, "For you are all brothers and you have one Father". He said, "The Holy Spirit will take what is mine and give it to you". My conscience and my reason reject the idea of an erternal torment of masses on beings created by their tormentor. My conscience and my reason reject the annihilation of God's creation- and gues what? I have discovered that the Scriptures agree and the Holy Spirit teaches the "restitution of all things as spoken by all the prophets since the world began(Acts 3:19)". Jesus says,"Behold(perceive, understand), I am making ALL THINGS NEW".

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